NY Photo Expo


Wow, this was a great photography event this year. Highlights were the AtEdge cocktail party where we "speed dated" with art buyers. What a smart idea. And what a great opportunity to chat with other photographers and reps in such a warm and inviting enviornment.

Another highlight was the Wise Elephant www.wiseelephant.com workshop that The Workbook www.workbook.com hosted. Too bad the PDN/Nikon Self Promotion Award party was on the same night. The attendance at the Wise Elephant event was low, so many people missed out. This was a very informative presentation on blogging, social networking and new media as marketing vehicles for photographers.

The Photo Plus marketing seminars www.pdnonline.com exceeded my expectations. I especially enjoyed the marketing workshop moderated by Debra Weiss and a panel of art buyers. The panel discussions reinforced the message that art buyers are slammed. Getting into see them personally is like opening a steel trap, but once you're in....you're in. Message from the art buyers, "if at once you don't succeed, call, e-mail, direct mail again."

The other seminar that was a home run was Super Sites: Successful Self-Promotion for the Digital Age. It was moderated by designer Louisa Curtis who was hilarious, straight-forward and full of great info. on successful sites. Panelists were art buyers and photo-editors. Take-away message. Make your site simple and easy to navigate. Blogs are nice too. I had to leave this seminar a half an hour early to catch my flight home which really bummed me out. I will circle back to find out what I missed.

Overall, I am giving the expo a 9 out of 10 for new marketing info. I am a rep and not a photographer so I can't speak to the technical aspects of the EXPO. www.sallyreps.com


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