Wednesday, September 30, 2009

John Granen Shoots New Cookbook

Food and interior photographer John Granen has recently photographed a cook book called Coming Home, A Seasonal Guide to Creating Family and Traditions by Rosanna Bowles.

In these pages, you'll find some of Rosanna's favorite recipes that she cooks herself, tips on how to beautify your home in aesthetic and emotional ways, and a few peeks into her own family's rituals, traditions, and travels. Rosanna wrote Coming Home as a seasonal guide in the hopes that organizing the book this way will help readers recognize how simple it can be to live well all year round.

And as always, John photographs Rosanna's dishes with such artful finesse that the food comes to life on the page. It's no wonder you come away from the book hungry and enthusiastic about forming your own family family traditions and rituals.

San Francisco Chronicle Profiles Lifestyle Photographer Marcy Maloy

Lifestyle photographer Marcy Maloy was profiled in the SF Chronicle for participation in this season's reality show, The Amazing Race. Marcy and her partner Ron are the oldest participants in the race and will be comepteing against teams who are 35 years younger. A snippet from the article below.

Thanks to a vigorous exercise regimen and playful nature, Maloy is now in one of the biggest games around: She's a competitor on CBS' "Amazing Race," which premiered Sunday. Along with her boyfriend, Ron Shalita, 59, the pair represents the globe-trotting show's oldest competitors.Read more:

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lifestyle Photographer Marcy Maloy Shoots Packaging for Downy

Marcy Maloy, San Francisco based lifestyle photographer has wrapped a packaging job with P&G's Downy brand. New packaging is appearing on shelves this month. Maloy shot three separate packaging images that will appear on liquid bottles and on packages of fabric softner sheets.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Conceptual Ad Photographer Henry Blackham wins 2009 Graphis Gold Award for "Kid Band" Image

Exciting news, conceptual photographer Henry Blackham was just awarded the Graphis Gold for his "Kid Band" image. Henry, known for his sly humor and visual social commentary has once again impressed the judges at Graphis (he won in 2008 for his dog walker image).

"It's always fun to see how your vision stacks up against the competition. When you win an award it just helps to reinforce your natural inclination toward a certain style or feeling," says Blackham. "I definitely appreciate the feedback in the form of an award."

Henry's work can been seen both at and at his own personal site

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

San Francisco Lifestyle Photographer Marcy Maloy on the Amazing Race

Today it was announced that Marcy Maloy, San Francisco based commercial photographer is going to be on the next season of The Amazing Race. The season begins on Sept. 27th. Marcy continues to amaze me. Not only is she a very talented commercial photographer but she speaks three different languages and is a trapeze artist. Who knew? Anyway, Marcy and her partner Ron are the "older" couple in the show. Both are in amazing shape and will be strong contenders. Please be sure to tune in on Sept. 27th. You can also go to the CBS website to see Marcy and Ron's profile . You can see Marcy's photography on my site or on hers at