Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Sally Bjornsen Represents

Alex Hayden for Home Depot/The Richard's Group

Zee Wendell for Paraguard/McCaan Erikson Los Angeles

Henry Blackham for the Discovery Channel

Last month I celebrated my ninth year as Sally Bjornsen Represents. The anniversary came and went without much fanfare. It wasn't until I was reviewing my roster last week that I realized I am also celebrating a nine year anniversary with three of my photographers who have been with me from the beginning: Zee Wendell, Alex Hayden and Henry Blackham. It hardly seems like nine years we've had so much fun. The business has changed a lot since we first started together and continues to evolve as we speak. Above are samples from some of my favorite campaigns these photographers have shot over the years. See more from this amazing group of talented artists online at

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Interior Photographer John Granen Shoots Cover of Book for Metropolitan Home

Interior photographer John Granen photographs the cover of the latest tome from Metropolitan Home. While the magazine is now gone and very much missed by the interior and architectural cognoscenti, its reputation and influence stays on as reflected in the recent book: Metropolitan Home Design 100: The Last Word on Modern Interiors.

To see more from John see the following link.

A Review from Amazon:

From its earliest days Metropolitan Home magazine grew into the standard bearer for contemporary home design in the US and became an active participant in reshaping the way Americans live. Always on the forefront of new trends, yet never elevating fashion over substantive style, Met Home championed creative re-use of old buildings, the opening up of homes to light, the reinvention of mid-century modernism, the green revolution in architecture, and the new "big mix" in interior decoration. Many of the designers and architects featured in its pages went on to become household names and leaders of the design profession.

A favorite annual issue known as the Design 100 honored superlative invention and creativity in international design. Metropolitan Home Design 100 focuses on the best homes and the best rooms ever to have appeared in Met Home - as well as scores of new locations and never-before-published photographs. Each of the 100 houses, apartments, lofts, rooms, or design details included in the book is the greatest of something, and each has been created by one of the top designers or architects of our time. The 100 taken as a whole have been curated in the spirit of Met Home: lively, beautiful, accessible, aspirational, real.

Metropolitan Home ceased publication with its December 2009 issue, but the spirit, the vision, and the legacy of the magazine lives on, in this book, in the hearts of thousands of loyal followers and in the way we live now. Metropolitan Home Design 100 is a celebration, a valediction, and a gift to anyone who loves modern design.