Wednesday, May 26, 2010

SKAAR Commercial Photography launches new website!

I am very proud to announce that Erik Skaar has a brand new website and it is now live. "The site is powered by the folks at A Photo Folio ( A big thanks to Rob Haggart (of A Photo Editor fame – if you don’t subscribe to the blog, I highly recommend it) and his incredible staff. The site is big, beautiful, and super easy to maintain," says Skaar. "A photographer’s dream come true." Please check it out at .

Monday, May 24, 2010

Food Photographer Rina Jordan Puts on a Bee Suit to Shoot

Food Photographer Rina Jordan says, "I love my job! I never imagined wearing a bee farmer's protective jacket during a photoshoot! Thanks to Corky Luster of Ballard Bee Company for showing me a great time."

Look for more information on Ballard Bee Company and see Jordan's images in the current issue of Edible Magazine. PBS will feature Ballard Bee Company on an episode of their "Growing a Greener World" gardening show near the end of June.

Updated: Listen to Corky talk about Ballard Bee Company on KUOW's "Greendays Gardening Panel: Bees and Your Food" podcast.

John Granen makes a trip to Hawaii to photograph the original Ohanapod-A hawaiian house guest's dream!

John Granen recently made a trip to Hawaii for Ready Made Magazine to photograph one architects solution to too many house guests. A snippet of the article below:

Hawaiian Punch
Faced with guests overcrowding their house, one family drafted a plan to put their visitors to work on a sleeping space of their own.

by Andrew Wagner
Photos by John Granen

You wouldn’t think owning a second home in Hawaii would present many problems, but Craig Steely had too much of a good thing: visitors. In 2004, Steely and his wife, Cathy Liu, built Lavaflow 2, fittingly named for its unique placement in a lava field an hour from the town of Hilo on the Big Island. Upon completing the house, the first thing the couple did, of course, was to invite friends from the mainland over for a visit. At 1,400 square feet, Lavaflow 2--and its outdoor covered room, known as a lanai--could adequately accommodate the Steelys and their guests...for a while. When one friend ventured over for an afternoon and ended up staying five days, Steely was motivated to start planning an addition. The scheme for the Ohanapod was born.

Click here for the entire article and more images of the Ohanapod

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Interior Photographer Alex Hayden Shoots New Story for Seattle Homes and Lifestyle

Interior Photographer Alex Hayden recenlty shot a vacation home on Whidbey Island for a Seattle Homes and Lifestyle Editorial Story.

Excerpt: Eight years ago, the Nash family hadn’t considered building a dream house. But when their close friends, then-Seahawks punter Jeff Feagles and his wife, Michelle, suggested the Nashes build a second home next to theirs on Whidbey Island, Dr. Robert and Amy Nash started thinking about what it might look like. The Nashes contacted the Feagles’ architect, Todd Soli of Soli Terry Architects, and began dreaming—on paper. Inspired by the stately beach houses that dot the Northeast, Amy asked Soli to create that look for her family. Two years later, in 2002, the Sammamish couple and their four children had a vacation place of their own, next door to their friends’ getaway. see the rest of the article at Seattle Homes site.

You can see more from Alex Hayden online at or

Rina Jordan Shoots New Campaign for Palomino Restaurant

Seattle based food photographer, Rina Jordan, recently partnered with SuperBig Creative to create a new campaign for Seattle's renowned
restaurant Palamino, which is owned by west coast Restauranat's Unlimited. "Rina nailed it," says SuperBig Art Director Devin Stewart. "The images clearly show what's in store for the customer at Palamino." Jordan's images will be used in out of home advertising as well as on the web. More images from Rina can be found online at or