Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Could this be Good News for Commercial Advertising Photography?

Last week I was reading an article that made me smile. I have been reading a lot of disheartening news lately so it came as a nice surprise. According to Forbes Magazine ad sales for the Hearst Magazine company are up (never mind the fact that there are now only half the magazines there used to be). Anyway, those that were spared the chopping block are seeing ad sales soar which means...print is not dead, at least not for now. The article is below:

It's only March, but Hearst Magazines' chief marketing officer, Michael Clinton, expects ad sales for his titles will be burning up this summer.

Sales for April rose 12% compared to the same period last year. Now Clinton says May will be even better. Ad sales across 13 of Hearst's main titles are already up 17% for May, he says, and the month isn't fully booked yet. Hearst won't report official numbers until mid-April.

The bounce is driven by Hearst's "big books" like Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Oprah and House Beautiful, says Clinton. "We're seeing a moving recovery in the ad market. Advertisers are spending more on print, especially in beauty and packaged goods."

The rise doesn't count the Food Network Magazine, a joint venture of Hearst and Scripps, which announced earlier this month it is increasing paid circulation again, to 1.25 million. Not bad for a magazine that launched last June with a rate base of 400,000.

The ad climate seems to be improving for the magazine business. Overall ad spending for magazines will rise this year by 1.9%, to $9.4 billion, predicts a recent study from Outsell. For consumer titles (as opposed to b-to-b), spending will climb 4.2%.

Hearst's digital properties aren't faring badly either. Based on current sales, the first half of this year will bring a rise in digital ad sales of about 30% says Chuck Cordray, senior vice president and general manager of Hearst Magazines Digital Media. That new business doesn't derive from Hearst's digital print editions so much as it does from independent sites the company has launched. About 60% of the traffic to Hearst digital goes to standalone brands like RealBeauty (beauty products), eSpin (a teen social community) and DailyGreen (organic food purveyor). In the midst of this, with pressure driving CPMs down, Hearst Digital's CPMs are "essentially flat," says Cordray.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Food Photographer Rina Jordan Shoots New Spring Images for Starbucks Coffee

Rina Jordan, Seattle based food photographer, recently completed a new series of images for Starbucks coffee company. The shots of the signature Starbucks blueberry scone are both ethereal and enticing. "I wanted to bring in a lot of light," says Rina. "We are coming out of winter and spring is such a refreshing change. I think these images of the blueberry scone reflect the light of the season." Rina's images can be found online at or in-store. More images from Rina can be found online at or

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Look Chic While you Schlep with

Just saw this in

There are few things we love more at Springwise than to see formerly drab and utilitarian products reborn with a splash of style. We've already seen that happen with fire protection kits, for example; now, another case in point is California-based *emera, which has targeted the practical (but often ungainly) camera bag.

*emera's 'Modern' and 'Quilted' tote lines are designed to be elegant but functional equipment bags for fashion-conscious urban photographers. Strongly built and water resistant, the bags are structured and padded to protect delicate photographic gear. Inside are modular dividers that can be arranged to suit the size and shape of cameras, lenses and accessories. The bags also feature internal compartments for small items such as memory cards, and have exterior pockets at each end. Prices are USD 149 for the canvas-exterior design (which comes in a choice of colours), and USD 169 for the quilted design.

*emera is now accepting wholesale orders, so retail camera shops around the world may want to start getting in line. Or are there other utilitarian goods that you could transform with a little flair for fashion? (Related: Puzzle books given a design makeover — Toilet seat covers, upgraded — Chic vomit bags for morning-sick moms.)


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lifestyle Photographer Marcy Maloy is Inspired by Alice in Wonderland

At the end of last month Marcy Maloy, commercial lifestyle photographer, got excited about the resurgence of the Alice and Wonderland story, (due in part to the new, much publicized movie by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp). She decided to make Lewis Carroll's Alice her subject for a test shoot in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. “Testing is kind of like dancing,” says Maloy. “A photographer, stylist, model and makeup/hair artist get together ...we try not to step on each others toes...we hope that our combined creative energies will take us somewhere new and different and exciting each time, (its like never quite know what you're going to get). Malia, our 15 year old, 5'10" Alice from LOOK MODELS was our muse and we especially thank her for being so stoic in the freezing cold weather. More work from Marcy can be found online at at the workbook and on Sally Bjornsen Represents.

Alex Hayden Shoots Seattle Homes and Lifestyle Cover Story

Alex Hayden recenlty shot the February Cover story for Seattle Homes and Lifestyle. "The home we shot in was really great," says Alex. "Lots of big windows and of course beautiful contemporary styling mixed with vintage pieces and beautiful art. It is always fun to work with Shawn Williams at SHL. We have a great ongoing relationship. Our shoots are always fun and creative." The house is owned by a newly transplated family (from the East coast) and is located just East of Seattle's downtown. The cover story can be found on newstands or online at The Seattle Homes and Lifestyle site. More work from Alex Hayden can be found online at , and at the workbook.

Fashion Lifestyle Photographer Zee Wendell Shoots Spring Issue for Seattle Bride Magazine

Los Angeles based lifestyle and fashion photographer Zee Wendell recently shot the Seattle Bride cover story. "I love working for Seattle Bride," says Wendell who has been shooting for the magazine for over ten years. “They really trust our crew and let us have fun with the shoot. We shot this story in a beautiful old historic building in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood. There was tons of natural light which really gave us an advantage. And the best part is we got a sunny day in Seattle during the winter. All stars were aligned and we ended up with a gorgeous product in the end." Seattle Bride can be found on newsstands all around the Pacific Northwest Region and online. More work from Zee can be found online at