Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Photographer Henry Blackham Makes Saving Money with Geico Look Fun!

Henry Blackham,, is not just an amazing conceptual advertising photographer but he is also a very skilled and talented retoucher. He recenlty completed a campaign for Geico with Costa Mesa based Hispanic Advertising Agency Casanova Pendrill, "The concept was about transformation," says Blackham. "Basically the message is your life can change dramatically when you save money on your car insurance. The assignment was to shoot the model before and after the transformation. We took creative licence with this and showed a comical and exagerated before and after.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kathryn Barnard Shoots The Gap In-Store Get Out the Vote Campaign

Kathryn Barnard,, is psyched to have been able to help out the 2008 presidential campaign first hand. Kathryn was hired this past summer to shoot real people, customers of The Gap retailer, for an in-store Get out The Vote Campaign.

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Today, Gap unveiled the personalized, creative work of 70 everyday Americans, including Zeph Colombatto of Maui, Hawaii, showing off their "Vote for ____." t-shirts customized to express their passions this election season. Photographs of these 70 individuals and their fill-in-the-blank t-shirts will be featured in Gap store windows across the country through Election Day.

Gap recently launched its "Vote for" initiative [], featuring its classic white t-shirt that simply says, "Vote for _____." which serves as a platform for Americans to express themselves during this election season. Gap is encouraging Americans to fill in the blank with whatever word, expression or presidential candidate they are passionate about. T-shirts are available for purchase online at or in stores nationwide for $15 now through Election Day, while supplies last, so anyone can grab a tee and fill in the blank.

Earlier this summer, individuals customized their own t-shirts and participated in a professional photo shoot at Gap stores in Los Angeles and New York. Out of the more than 400 participants, Zeph Colombatto was selected to be featured in Gap's campaign based on the creativity and uniqueness he displayed in voicing his passions by filling in the blank.

An ingenious shower curtain shot by interior photographer Alex Hayden

Alex Hayden shoots interiors which gives him access to some interesting and beautiful homes, architechture and personal spaces. Last week he shot a home for nationally renowned interior designer Amely Wurmbrand, "The house was amazing," said Hayden. "But the most interesting thing I saw that day while shooting was the shower curtain. It was a retrofited window shade. Ingenious. The home owner says it keeps the water out of the room like no other shower curtain or door. I think I may go home and do the same thing myself." Hayden continues to be inspsired by the clients he shoots for, always uncovering new ways to engineer and design a space. See shower curtain above